Kucinich Goes Off The Deep End

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich wants to create a "Department of Peace" if he is elected President.

An early and vocal opponent of the war in Iraq, Kucinich said the department would have various function to prevent violence both domestic and internationally. He said the department would work with the United Nations and other countries before conflicts arise.

Well, that’s such a good idea. When terrorists blow up the Statue of Liberty, we can know that we did everything we could to make them feel good beforehand. And people wonder why Democrats are viewed as soft on national security…

19 thoughts on “Kucinich Goes Off The Deep End

  1. If conservatives could figure out a loophole to deem all federal workers part-time employees, cut their wages and take away their benefits and health care by enacting a “Department of Peace”, they would ultimately go along with it.

  2. Would you like to put a nice felt hat on that strawman?

    That’s why liberals can’t debate. They have to resort to cheap mischaracterizations to get their points across. There’s a huge difference between mandating a market-oriented health plan that would actually be maintainable for the long term and saying that all Republicans want to end Medicare. There’s a big difference between advocating Social Security reform and saying conservatives want to end Social Security.

    No wonder the Democratic Party is losing. They’re too busy spinning lies and mischaracterization while Republicans are crafting sensible policies for the future of the country.

  3. “only violence prevents terrorism”

    is this a joke?
    Where have you been all your life? watching CNN
    and reading jayreding.com in a basement?
    violence is THE reason of terrrorism!!
    terrorists are not born that way. they are violently reacting against some kind of bad treatment they experienced . they are desperates, they feel helpless, and their only solution to be heard (considering their level of education)is to act violently as well.
    anyway, the national security department is just “big brother” himself. personnal data are recorded, processed and stored for public services (by private companies)…what does that tell you?
    human rights is just a word in the “land of freedom” (not like in communist cuba, where they have prisons filled with prisonners that have never seen a judge or any kind of advocate.Oh no, it’s an american prison as well!!!)

    about the declining democrat party, I have an explanation.effective short-term management: cut subsidies for public libraries(-19% funding under Walker).the less people learn in books, the more TV will teach them!(and TV is a good brain-washing-machine-for-good-american-patriots cf.Jessica Lynch: story of the year(written by who again?)

    I change the first sentence into:
    “Only Violence prevents Peace”

  4. …Wow, a conservative who thinks the Department of Peace is a bad idea…

    No its an excellent idea! Another good idea is raising the minimum wage to $100 an hour – we’ld all be rich!

    …violence is THE reason of terrrorism!!..

    Right. What was the reason for Nazi violence? Communist violence? Are you familiar with the “dhimmi” concept? Perhaps if you all just become dhimmies, bin Laden he’ll cease his attacks. Excellent idea!

  5. Osama bin Laden was a millionaire. Mohammad Atta (who flew Flight 11 into the World Trade Center) was an engineering student and son of a rich Cairo lawyer. In fact, none of the September 11 hijackers were particularly poor or bad off.

    In Afghanistan most of the soldiers were Arabs recruited from rich Arab countries like Syria and Saudi Arabia. They were funded by the oil money of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Believe me, the French can appease radical Islam all they want, but Paris is just as much a target as New York.

    BTW, wars do bring peace. If war wasn’t the way, you’d be writing in German right now – or working in a slave-labor camp.

  6. Jay, my point was violence and/or the threat of violence begets more violence. I believe vincent was trying to say something on the same line. (In his own, unusual way…) Now why did you help me out so much by mentioning WW2; it’s the perfect example of what I’m saying. I swear you’re making it easy for me…

  7. I believe Tolkein said it best: "It takes one to make a war, not two, and those who fail to take up swords can still die upon them."

    Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the presence of justice. Or have we learned nothing from Chamberlain’s tragic mistake at Munich?

  8. …the threat of violence begets more violence…

    You are so wrong.
    Threat of violence = deterrence. A bully always picks on the weakest kid, does he not?

  9. ‘I believe Tolkein said it best: “It takes one to make a war, not two, and those who fail to take up swords can still die upon them.”‘

    Yes, but remember- why is that one person making war to begin with, and how do we keep them from doing it… that’s the key to ending wars. If a person has no reason to fight a war, there is no war.

  10. Yes. Let’s rule the world by fear shall we? I guess it is a lot easier than trying to figure out why the hell people hate eachother and senselessly kill one another. Why waste such time. They’re just a bully. They shall be eliminated and the world will rejoice. Until another comes along… and another, and another…

  11. …If a person has no reason to fight a war, there is no war…

    You are living in la-la land. There have been wars since the beginning of time.

    …They shall be eliminated and the world will rejoice…

    Huh? Deterrence is about prevention, not elimination.

  12. There have been plenty of good excuses to fight since the beginning of time as well. What’s your point?

  13. Perhaps if you bother actually reading my posts you’ll see the point. Its “Deterrence is about prevention, not elimination.”. Many of the potential fights were prevented by deterrence. Ie, we have successfully deterred the soviets in during cuban crisis (and elsewhere), did we not? Czechs weren’t able to deter Nazis or soviets – what happened to them in either case?

  14. …and, in most of us westerners, are fairly well suppressed under a tenuous veil of rationality and law…

    Oh, wow. I can’t believe you just said that. Please don’t tell me that you are putting western ideals above those of other cultures – would be very un p.c. and insensitive. Shame on you.

    …We have other outlets for “controlled” violence- the millitary, violent sports and games…

    Muslim fundamentalists don’t, hence the whole premise of your argument has nothing to do with our current enemy. We are not combatting democracies here, are we? I’ll entertain the rest of your post anyway, though.

    …But they’ll never fight a war again- they’re gradually trying to merge together in a superstate…

    That’s funny. Recall history for a moment. If not for outside intervention France would’ve been part of Germany for over half a century now. As for Germany and Japan – we have beaten them in the war and occupied both countries for quite a number of years before we felt it was responsible for them to be on their own. This is what we are currently doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Look, I understand what you are saying. No one is arguing that the world would not benefit from elimination of religious fanatics/communism. That’s all fine. But we are dealing with *RIGHT NOW*. Our enemies do *not* channel their energy via “politics, business, games, and technological innovation”. Which brings me back to the point I was trying to make before. Deterrence is *very* important. When you make it clear that financiers and supporters of such fanatics will pay dearly, they cease to support and finance. In fact, I am willing to argue that 9/11 would’ve never happened if we responded with brute force to the bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon in the 1980’s. Or if we responded to the first WTC bombing.. Etc.
    By the way, how come there are suicide bombings in Israel and not in Jordan? Prime example of deterrence!

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