The Arsenal Of Democracy Expands

The Guardian has an article on US R&D efforts for future warfare including hypersonic UCAV (unmanned combat air vehicles) and high-altitude kinetic weapons designed to penetrate bunkers after falling from the lower reaches of space.

These weapons are designed to be launched from the continental United States, sidestepping the need to use foreign bases to project power. Already this is a frequently used part of American warfare – B-2 bombers launched from airfields in Missouri for attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq, and SR-71 reconaissance aircraft routinely made flights from California to take images of Chinese and Vietnamese weapons platforms and facilities.

Expect more complaints about US hyperpower in the 21st Century. The United States military already is the strongest and most adaptable fighting force in human history, and these new weapons would bring an ability to the US to bring massive amounts of force with unheard of precision and nearly instant timing. Morever, these weapons could be used without putting people in harm’s way, relying instead on satellite communications and GPS technology to guide munitions to their targets.

The United States is preparing to fight future conflicts based on the lessons of past conflicts, by creating a force that is more adaptable, faster, and more accurate. Fortunately, such weapons will likely ensure that future conflicts involve fewer casualties both American and civilian.

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