Dude, Where’s My Literary Pretension?

Michael J. Totten points to the idea that you can fit literary works into the Dude, Where’s My Car? framework. Indeed, he gives us some nice examples.

Of Mice and Men – Dude, Where’s My Job?
Fahrenheit 451 – Dude, Where’s My Book?
Hamlet – Dude, Where’s My Dad?
Lord of the Flies – Dude, Where’s My Mom?

I couldn’t resist throwing a few of them in myself:

Atlas Shrugged – Dude, Where’s My John Galt?
La Morte D’ArthurDude, Where’s My Sword?
Richard III – Dude, Where’s My Horse?
Fight Club – Dude, Where’s My Sense Of Manhood?
The Lord of the Rings – Dude, Where’s My Precious?
The Works of H.P. Lovecraft – Dude, Where’s My Multi-Dimensional Sanity-Stealing Monstrosity?

And of course…

Living History – Dude, Where’s My Husband?

On a (slightly) more serious note, my friend Lyz is blogging for Books for a Better World in this year’s Blogathon. If you give her money, perhaps she’ll stop trying to imitate William Carlos Williams again…

15 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s My Literary Pretension?

  1. Along the same vein, did you know that you can sing Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner to the tune of the theme from “Gilligan’s Island”?

  2. Harry Potter — Dude, Where’s My Snitch?
    Ann Coulter’s “Treason” — Dude, Where’s My Thorazine
    Batman & Robin — Dude, Where’s My Nipples?
    Casablanca — Dude, Where’s My Letters of Transit?
    Blade Runner — Dude, Where’s My Replicant?
    The Hulk — Dude, Where’s My Nine Dollars?

  3. Dune – Dude, Where’s my Spice?
    The Bible – Dude, Where’s my Apple?

    Why stop at books? Movies do well too.

    Charlie’s Angels – Dude, Where’s my Charlie?

  4. Cryptonomicron – Dude, where’s my gold?
    Survivor – Dude, where’s my schlong?
    Any Wheel of Time book – Dude, where’s my ending?

  5. Star Wars, Episode I: Dude, where’s my script?

    Star Wars, Episode II: Dude, where’s my acting ability?

    Star Wars, Episode III: Dude, where’s my audience?

  6. Hmmmm, let me give it a try….

    Atonement: Dude, where’s my childhood? -or- Dude, where’s my ego?

    An Artist of the Floating World: Dude, where’s my paint brush? -or- Dude, where’s my post war guilt?

    -ok, I’m not good at this, so sue me :p

  7. Infinite Jest: Dude, Where’s My Editor?
    Enduring Love: Dude, Where’s My Restraining Order?

  8. A tribute to Tarrentino:

    1) Resevoir Dogs — “Dude, where’s my ear?”

    2) From Dusk till Dawn — “Dude, where’s my stake?”

    3) Pulp Fiction — “Dude, where’s my Gimp?”

  9. Early John Le Carre: Dude, where’s my mole?

    Late John Le Carre: Due, where’s my talent?

    The Exodus: Dude, where’s my Israel?

    The Communist Manifesto: Dude, where’s my class struggle?

    Mein Kampf: Dude, where’s my scapegoat?

    The Happy Hooker: Dude, where’s my continence?

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