The Reagan Sets Sail

The Navy’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has now been commissioned at Norfolk Naval Yards. The 20-story aircraft carrier will be based in San Diego and will carry 6,000 soldiers and 80 aircraft.

"Quite frankly, there’s not a better name for an aircraft carrier than Ronald Reagan," said the ship’s commanding officer, Capt. Bill Goodwin.

The ship’s motto is "Peace Through Strength", a motto made famous by Reagan during the last decade of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. The Reagan will continue his mission of ensuring the safety of liberty throughout the world.

8 thoughts on “The Reagan Sets Sail

  1. The reasons why Unitedstatish people are ridiculous, dishonest & coward.


    List of last « presidents »

    Jimmy Carter : manipulated peanut street-seller who couldn’t save US spies caught by the Iranians in 1979 >>> the plane crashed just like the US helicopters in 2003 shot by friendly fire –albeit entirely stupid- during the illegal war against Iraq.

    Ronald Reagan: now diminished by the Alzheimer disease (although no one can tell the difference before the outbreak) – third-rate bad actor playing in the worst movies ever made on Earth – husband of a hysterical, drug-dealing, astrology-addicted, paedophilic (she was Michael Jackson’s best friend), pathetic, oldish, rotten fright called Nancy.

    George Bush I: pig-sounding sad jerk who wasn’t even able to catch Saddam in the 1991 Gulf War – instead he then let the Shiite people from Southern Iraq be massacred by Saddam.

    William Clinton: needs no comment but may be deemed expert in plunging cigars in the cunt of any woman –except his own “wife”, & delivering good TV shows out of that >>> you know, the rest of the Unitedstatish, too, are sexually disturbed.

    George Bush II: best known as Sissy Georgette W (for Weakling) Bushette >>> the fastest scared sissy who abandoned a CLASSROOM (!!!) full of children as she learnt Ben Laden was playing with planes in New York – instead helping the Unitedstatish people as Giulani did with the New Yorkers, she disgracefully fled somewhere in Nebraska where the Texan diva at last could faint without being seen – she’s stayed there for 2 days & then came back when she was feeling a bit better – later on she tried to wage a sissy war against Ben Laden, but Ben Laden is still at large & thousands of Afghani children are now buried – then she whined like a weasel to get a 2nd “war” against Iraq (it was like Portugal attacking Liechtenstein, or for you ignorant in geography, like an elephant attacking an ant) – now she’s got Iraq she doesn’t know what to do with it – she got slapped in the face by France, but Sissy Georgette all the same bent down to her knees & begged Chirac for help to feed & manage Iraq.


    The US has always been the less generous state in terms of financial aid for the Third World. For instance whereas France is spending 0.49 % of her GDP every year to help Asia, Africa, Oceania & South America, the US is granting a mere yearly 0.08 % !!! Six times less… And the 0.08% are is not given to any country: just to “friends” (Israel, pre-1990 Saddam Hussein, the illegal local neocons who try to make a coup against the legally elected Chavez in Venezuela, the sick dictator of Equatorial Guinea, the peaceful Putin for Chechnya, etc). And those 0.08% are granted TO THE EXCLUSIVE CONDITION that those people buy US goods back. How generous…

    Look at the Nazi past of the Bush mafia “family”: Prescott Bush financing Hitler’s clique to facilitate the Holocaust – note that Prescott also participated in eugenics (early 20s).

    The list is endless & known to everybody.


    Seen what happened on September 11?

    All congress”men” fleeding like wimps to hide their scared faces as the people was suffering in New York with no help at all.

    Georgette Weasel Bushette crying down to her knees to beg the army to find a remote place for her to hide.

    Georgette isn’t even able to punish France as she said she would >>> too afraid of French influence >>> France is not Iraq nor North Korea.

    When a German minister told publicly that Sissy Georgette was like Hitler, the Germans were not punished either (although the US said they would).

    The Ultra Sissy Army (USA) isn’t capable of catching Ben Laden & Saddam Hussein because they’ve got no guts. It’s up to the Europeans to do all the job >>> the only real terrorists arrested were caught in France, Germany etc.

    Weasel Bushette has attacked Iraq, but she’ll think twice before playing the fainting diva with the demented dictator of North Korea >>> Georgette is paralysed with fear.

    When a US spying plane was caught by the Chinese authorities, Georgette had to whisper “Excuse me!” for the Chinese Premier to give the plane back. Georgette has no balls at all.

    — how can you live in a “country” like that ???!!!…

    USA = Idiocy + Treachery + Sissiness

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    Consider yourself banned until you can play with the adults.

  3. I have to admit it was a bit long, but it kind of sucks to “ban” someone.

    Do whatever you want with your website, but you should consider keeping it democratic…

  4. Vincent, the post was filled with insults and something tells me that he/she wasn’t going to stick around to have a debate. What do you think?

  5. he’s not going to post three pages everyday either.
    right for the insulting part: it just doesn’t help. the opposite is true.

  6. This is the first time I have ever banned anyone, and I only do so in the most extreme of circumstances. Blatant trolling and personal attacks are unacceptable in any case, and anyone caught doing so will be banned.

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