The British Stand Pat

The British are revealing more information about their African uranium intelligence:

British officials admitted that the country was Niger but insisted that the intelligence behind it was genuine and had nothing to do with the fake documents. It was convincing and they were sticking with it, the officials said.

They dismissed a report from a former US diplomat who was sent to Niger to investigate the claims and rejected them. "He seems to have asked a few people if it was true and when they said ‘no’ he accepted it all," one official said. "We see no reason at all to change our assessment."

The fake documents were not behind that assessment and were not seen by MI6 until after they were denounced by the IAEA. If MI6 had seen them earlier, it would have immediately advised the Americans that they were fakes.

Again, this confirms exactly what I’ve said before. The British intelligence is not related to the forged documents. Ambassador Wilson’s "fact-finding" missing in Niger was a joke that revealed no pertinent information, and that other intelligence agencies also believed that Iraq was seeking to purchase African uranium. So far all of this shows that the President did not lie, and that his information was entirely unrelated information to the forged documents.

Yet the mainstream media continue to harp on the Niger documents as if they had any relevance to the case at hand. Of course, scandal sells more paper than admitting that the President was correct afterall…

Link via InstaPundit.

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