Bring Them Home

Steven Den Beste says that leaving elements of the 3rd ID in Iraq will sap troop strength later. I agree with his analysis – these people have been in the Gulf for nearly a year now, some of them for longer. They’ve dealt with heat, scorpions, chemical warfare gear, enemy fire, and being away from their families for months. The 3rd ID did a brilliant job in the liberation of Baghdad, and they’ve earned their return ticket.

Despite the need for troop strength, leaving a unit in the field for too long decreases their combat effectiveness, and as Den Beste mentions, will hurt the re-enlistment rate for the unit in the future.

The best policy is to bring them home and reinforce from fresher units. We’re overextended as it is, and we can’t risk having an entire division that’s weakened through overuse. The 3rd ID has done their job, and they’ve done it well. Now is the time for them to return to their homes and familes so they can be ready to fight in future conflicts.

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