If President Bush made a gaffe like this, it would be all over the media

Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham, in sharply criticizing President Bush’s veracity about Iraq’s weapons programs, got a bit confused about the number of letters in the word "deceit."

"I would not use the three-letter word," the Florida senator told reporters. "I would use the five-letter word: deceit. That he deceived the American people by allowing into a State of the Union speech at a critical point when he was making the case for war with Iraq, a statement that he either knew was wrong or should have known was wrong."

Not only is Graham wrong on the substance of his point, (the information Bush cited is still considered to be accurate today) but he also can’t spell a simple word.

To paraphrase Dennis Miller, the Democrats must have a big tent, because they sure have a lot of clowns coming out of it.

3 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Add “deceit” to the growing list of words that disqualifies a candidate from being President if he or she can’t spell. Funny how Dan Quayle and George Bush’s defenders are quick to poke fun at trivial grammar errors when made by their political opponents.

  2. Poke fun??? Mark, seriously. You are not even reading. Jay said:

    If President Bush made a gaffe like this, it would be all over the media…

    He is pointing out the double standard.

  3. Of course. If Bush had said it it would have been hilarious. Graham on the other hand… well who cares? We all say stupid things.

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