Baghdad Unveiled

Amir Taheri has a revealing glimpse inside the Baghdad that doesn’t appear on the evening news:

There are two Iraqs today: One as portrayed by those in America and Europe who wish to use it as a means of damaging Bush and Blair, and the other as it really exists, home to 24 million people with many hopes and aspirations and, naturally, some anxiety about the future.

"After we have aired our grievances we remember the essential point: Saddam is gone," says Mohsen Saleh, a geologist in Baghdad. "A man who is cured of cancer does not complain about a common cold."

It’s a highly interesting read, and shows that life is slowly beginning to return to normal in the heart of Iraq. The Iraqi people are not all out for blood. Some of them are angry, and some of them have reason to be. The coalition isn’t doing as well as it should, but it isn’t failing either.

Link via InstaPundit.

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