Total Recall

After counting 1.3 million signatures, the Secretary of State for California has stated California Governor Gray Davis will face a recall election in the next 60 to 80 days. Because of Davis’ inept leadership the state of California faces a $38 billion deficit, a deficit that Davis attempted to conceal during the 2002 elections. Davis deserves to be recalled for his ineptitude, and hopefully the people of California will find someone better.

5 thoughts on “Total Recall

  1. Because of George Bush’s inept leadership, the nation of the United States faces a $455 billion deficit, a deficit Bush tried to conceal through the 2002 elections. Bush deserves to be recalled for his ineptitude, and hopefully the people of America will find someone better.

  2. I don’t think that anyone care about a few billions.(455 is not so big anyway)…
    he should cut healthcare and social advantages for the numerous lazy profiteers of the system.

  3. 455 Billion doesn’t seem so big- until you realize that it’s only being compounded with the national debt we already face, and, with our slowed rate of economic growth and Bush’s increased rate of millitary and bureaucratic growth, the deficits are only going to get worse. The next president will face a national debt that will put the one racked up by Reagan to shame.

  4. I’m rather sanguine about deficits because all federal budgeting is largely illusory anyway. The deficit that exists now is cause for concern, no doubt. However, if the economy takes off, the deficit could disappear in only a few years. The biggest concerns we face aren’t deficits: they’re winning the war on terror (as nebulous a concept that might be) and getting the economy running. If those two objectives are met, the deficits will disappear by themselves.

    Or a better way to put it, deficits are the symptom of the larger disease which is economic weakness. Trying to pay down the deficit is like treating a disases symptomatically – it’s not a good long-term strategy. Attacking the root issue of the economy is the best way of minimizing the deficit.

  5. By responding to the concept of deficits with a yawn, you have nullified your primary justification for recalling Governor Gray Davis. The deficit Davis resides over is a mere eight percent of the deficit Bush resides over, so your spin machine endorsing the Davis recall had better devise a more consistent rationale than the one you put forward.

    Conservatives argued the dynamic scoring fallacy throughout the 1980’s, fantasizing that the economic boom that would be generated by tax cuts would create a revenue surge that would erase surging deficits. The surge never happened. Before you hit me with the usual lies about profligate Congressional spending and doubling of revenues, let me repeat for the umptieth time the reality. Revenues did double in the 1980’s, but almost always do over the span of ten years, and 80’s revenue growth lagged behind revenue growth of the 1970’s and 1990’s. Congressional spending in the 1980’s was slightly higher in real dollars than average, but the bulk of the increase went to Reagan-endorsed defense spending while social spending was cut drastically. Meanwhile, Reagan signed all eight budgets that came from the four Congresses he worked with, and neither Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright or Tom Foley was holding a gun to his head as he signed them.

    Furthermore, your party insisted in the Contract with America that a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution was necessary to the survival of the republic, and that NOTHING was more important than paying down this national debt. Please inform what, besides the change of leadership in the Oval Office, has changed to make the Republican party not only abandon their convictions on mandatory balanced budget, but suggesting the exact opposite, that deficits are completely meaningless, today?

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