Coup In Manilla

It appears that terrorists have planted bombs in the main financial center of the Phillippine capital just a few hours after a coup attempt among a group of military officers was foiled.

The Phillippine government has been fighting against Islamist groups such as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (which carries the unfortunate acronym MILF) as well as other groups, including some with links to al-Qaeda.

Southeast Asia is becoming another worldwide hotspot for terrorist groups and fertile breeding grounds for terrorism. It is important for all world governments to combat the global issue of terrorism. No country is safe from the specter of terrorism, and as the Bush Doctrine goes, nations cannot assume neutrality against terrorism. Those countries that do not fully combat terrorist groups can easily find themselves under attack – as happened in Bali and Saudi Arabia.

The potential impact of the coup attempt at the subsequent bomb threat in Manila are difficult to gauge at this time. However, it only highlights the necessity of a worldwide response to terrorism.

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