Setting The World To Rights has an interesting idea for replacing the word "idiotarian" in the vocabulary of the blogosphere. Their suggestion:

Villepinism: systematically siding with evil without actually adopting the evildoers’ objectives. (From everyone’s favorite French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin – AKA Slick Villie.)

Personally, I’m rather fond of the idea, although it doesn’t slide off the tongue with the ease of "idiotarian". Then again, we members of the Anglosphere have no problem with increasing our vocabulary rather than engaging in a quixotic quest for linguistic purity like some other country I could name…

One thought on “Villepinism?

  1. What’s wrong with a little linguistic purity? Heard Japanese lately? They could stand to learn a lesson or two from the French. Maybe I’m just a fool for thinking languages should sound good.

    A lot of people might not know who Villepin is, not to mention, it sounds lame. I’ll stick with idiotarian.

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