4 thoughts on “Armstrong Wins Five

  1. Yeah, what a great sportsman he is! As a friend of mine put it: you could even shoot him off his bike and he still would win.
    Even German commentators cannot but marvel at Armstrong’s ability and determination – even though he beat the German biker… again. So next year Lance will try to be the first to ever win 6 tours (and that in a row, if I am not mistaken). I will have to cheer for him then. Maybe next they will rename the race into “Tour de Lance?”

  2. Watching the Tour de France?! Aiding and abetting the economy of the evil French empire?! I’m disappointed in you, Jay.

  3. Enh. If the French actually followed the lessons of their Tour, they’d be a much better country…

    …much as we’d be if we followed the lessons of baseball.

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