4 thoughts on “Travelling With Tom…

  1. I seem to remember earlier this week a guy posting as “Jay Reding” talking about how incompetent liberal debaters are reduced to the lowest denominator of debate tactics, such as calling their opponents Nazis or racists, which conservatives wouldn’t even imagine sinking to. Now, a few days later, another guy posting as “Jay Reding” is heralding the genius of a conservative blog repeatedly painting Democratic Senator Tom Daschle as a Communist instead of articulating an intelligent issue-oriented argument critique of Daschle’s politics.

    Just thought I should warn the real Jay Reding, whoever that may be, that there’s an impostor out there posting in his name and completely contradicting the ideas of the other within the same week.

  2. Jay is allowed his cheap shots.

    On the other hand, what in the hell does a Texan know about South Dakota? Aren’t any conservative South Dakotans inspired enough to do a parody? 🙂

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