Another Terrorist Strike

A terrorist car bomb has killed 13 at a Jakarta Marriott Hotel. The bomb is believed to be targeted at foreigners in the Indonesian capital.

Indonesia is a prime example of why Southeast Asia is the next major area of concern. There needs to be a worldwide effort to stem the tide of terrorism in the region, before it becomes the next major world hotspot.

One thought on “Another Terrorist Strike


    I’m sure everyone can understand that: “Les Américains reconnaissent avoir utilisé du napalm”(The US admit they used napalm) (in Irak)

    at the end of the article, a colonel admit that the video (from the US army) shows people (civilians) on the bridges that were attacked with napalm. So what about this discussion last time about how only terrorists are attacking civilians? what when a regular army does? collateral damage? I love this expression that neglects other people lives so much. Why not call it “who cares?” instaed?

    another “fun fact”: lybia is about to recover honors from the US. kadhafi has to pay 10 M$ per each victim of the lockerbie plane bombing…this country (rich in petroleum, but, like Irak, under trade restrictions) needs to open up to survive…this seems to be a good strategy: lock the bad guys. after a while, they will either surrender(and pay), or become agressiv (and get shot).perfect plan, because anyway, you own the ccountry at the end. to bad for the people of liberia and north korea, they don’t own any reserves of petroleum…

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