Schwarzenegger’s Rhetoric

Arnold Schwarzenegger just officially filed for candidacy in the California gubernatorial recall election. After the filing he had a short press conference where he gave his first clue to his campaign platform.

Schwarzenegger is running on much the same rhetorical platform as Jesse Ventura, although with a pro-business edge. He argues that there’s a third way between raising taxes and cutting programs – which is to bring raise revenue by making California a more friendly climate for new business creation.

Schwarzenegger also stressed that he is against the idea of "special interests" being in charge of government. Of course, this is a typical populist outsider appeal, and this is virtually identical to the rhetoric of the Ventura campaign. It remains to be seen what "special interests" Schwarzenegger intends to fight against. The rhetoric of the outsider versus the entrenched special interests is typical for "outsider" campaigns, and is also exceptionally special.

It still remains to be seen if Schwarzenegger really does have the policy chops to make a dent in California’s financial crisis. However, he has the right rhetoric, the right persona, and the intense popularity to win. It’s what comes after that may be Schwarzenegger’s biggest challenge.

4 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger’s Rhetoric

  1. Why is it that cons get all bent out of shape when a lefist celeb opens their mouths about politics, but give Ahnold a pass? I mean, I think the same arguments apply – what does an actor know about statecraft?

  2. I’m not giving Arnold a free pass quite yet. Most celebs are clueless about politics. However, Arnold is taking the step of not just carping from the sidelines and actually running for office. At that point, one has to take his rhetoric at face value.

    If Arnold says something massively stupid, he’ll get nailed about it. But unlike Sheryl Crow or Janine Garofalo, he’s yet to demonstrate the typical Hollywood idiocy.

  3. But unlike Sheryl Crow or Janine Garofalo, he’s yet to demonstrate the typical Hollywood idiocy.

    Well, agreeing to star in The Last Action Hero wasn’t his smartest moment, exactly. And what exactly is “typical Hollywood idiocy”? Voting Democratic? Is calling your opponent names the limit of your rhetoric?

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