So Much For The "Cease-Fire"

A series of two suicide-bombing attacks in Israel have left the "road map" to peace in tatters as the radical Palestinian groups Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade and Izzedine al-Qassam have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The "road map" is based on the naive proposition that a piece of paper can solve the problems of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. The fact remains that much better pieces of paper have tried.

The only way to solve this crisis is to have the Palestinians end their support of terror, giving the Israelis the room to start making concessions. The problem is that the US and Europe keep pushing Israel to make concessions without the ability for it to protect itself. The border fence between Israel and the West Bank is absolutely necessary to prevent a flood of suicide bombing attacks – and even that won’t stop all of them. Demanding that it be removed only hurts the peace process by harming Israeli security.

In the end, the only way that peace can be established and maintained is if there is a climate of peace. The Palestinians do not want peace, they’ve been taught since they were children that the Israelis are the cause of all of their problems (rather than their own corrupt, authoritarian, and often brutal government). They’ve been taught that the only way to ease their suffering is not through peaceful coexistence, but through jihad.

Even the Israelis, who just a few years ago overwhelmingly supported peace even if it meant significant concessions, can no longer stomach the violence levelled against them. If the United States were being attacked in the way Israel is attacked, I doubt we’d act with the restraint that Israel has shown.

Until groups like Hamas, al-Aqsa, and others are discredited, until the Palestinian Authority is no longer at the mercy of terrorists, and until the Palestinians have a greater desire to make their lives better than end Israeli lives, the "road map" is at best a bandage.

2 thoughts on “So Much For The "Cease-Fire"

  1. You’re fooling yourself if you’d think the terrorism would stop if it lost all Palestinian support.

  2. Perhaps not entirely, however it would reduce the number of terror attacks by a huge amount.

    Hamas and Hizb’Allah provide the resources necessary for a terror campaign. Not anyone can create a suicide belt – it takes knowledge of explosives and resources that only an organized group can provide. Without their supply of suicide belts, their recruitment efforts, and their transportation infrastructure to move bonbers into Israel, many of these attacks could not be orchestrated against Israeli civilians.

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