Saddam And Al-Qaeda, Working Together

Winds of Change has an exhaustive roundup of new on the war on terror including one particularly interesting little tidbit:

Al-Qaeda terrorists who have infiltrated Iraq from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have formed a deadly alliance with former intelligence agents of Saddam Hussein to fight their common enemy, the U.S. forces.

The alliance, known as Jaish Muhammad — the army of the prophet Muhammad — is believed to be responsible for increasingly sophisticated attacks on U.S. soldiers.

Now wait a second here, I thought that we had been told time and time again that al-Qaeda and Iraq would never work together. Why we all know that al-Qaeda hates Iraq and would never bother working with them.

Now all of a sudden, it appears that Saddam’s Ba’athist loyalists and al-Qaeda are fighting right alongside each other against the United States – the very thing the anti-war left said would never happen.

It seems that the argument that Saddam could never have trained al-Qaeda fighters in chemical warfare or the idea that al-Qaeda would never work with Saddam has been throughly ripped to shreds. It is becoming evident that Iraqi WMDs could very well have ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda terrorits, and that there were ties between al-Qaeda and elements of the Saddam’s Mukhabarat intelligence branch. All of this goes to show the very real threat that Saddam Hussein’s regime represented to the rest of the world and why it was necessary to combat that threat with all available force.

4 thoughts on “Saddam And Al-Qaeda, Working Together

  1. Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj, a top al-Qaeda leader who had beforehand knowledge of the Riyadh bombings, has already said that the group is working with the Baathists and that they have at least some of the Iraqi arsenal:

    Funny how the media never picks up on this stuff.

  2. “I thought that we had been told time and time again that al-Qaeda and Iraq would never work together.”

    That was Saddam and OBL. One of your more amateurish attempts at mis-direction.

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