Chemical Ali Captured

US forces operating in Iraq have have captured the infamous Ali Hassan al-Majid, AKA "Chemical Ali" in a raid.

Chemical Ali had been reportedly killed several times during the war, but later intelligence showed that he had managed to escape each time. He was responsible for the defense of the South of Iraq during the war and earned his nickname for the brutal suppression of Kurds in Northern Iraq when he used chemical weapons against towns such as Halabja.

No doubt Chemical Ali will have some very valuable information on the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein, the organization of the terrorists attacking US troops, and the location of Iraq’s chemical weapons arsenal.

UPDATE: Or perhaps that should be "Conventional Ali"? After all, according to some people Iraq never had chemical weapons…

2 thoughts on “Chemical Ali Captured

  1. You keep saying that the anti-war crowd says “Saddamn never had chemical weapons.”

    That isn’t for a minute true. Everybody knows he had chemical weapons at one time, because we kept a copy of the receipt when he bought them from us.

    The question is, did he have them when we said he was about to use them on us? It’s by no means certain that he did or did not, but my magic 8-Ball says “Outlook doubtful”.

    More straw-men from Jay. What a surprise.

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