2 thoughts on “Simon Drops Out

  1. Simon most likely dropped out so that he doesn’t take even more support away from the fast-plunging Schwarzenegger who now trails Cruz Bustamante (!!!!) by 12 points in the event of a Davis recall, which in itself is losing steam. Alot can change between now and October, but I’m sensing we’re about to see the first of a series of high-profile electoral embarrassments for the GOP with their expensive and cynical recall effort. And the more ferociously the sword is thrust into the Republican party abdomen by voters, the deeper my smile will become at watching their cold blood flowing down the streets.

  2. You forgot the part about Allah roasting our stomaches in Hell…

    In all honesty, I don’t believe the LA Times poll is accurate. Even if it is, Jesse Ventura shows just how a popular candidate can baffle the pollsters.

    However, the only part of this election I’m willing to put money on is that Davis gets recalled.

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