Judge Moore Vs. Cthulhu

This has to be the funniest take on the Ten Commandments standoff that I’ve yet seen.

For the record, I think Judge Moore is behaving like a moron here. Yes, our country was influenced by the Judeo-Christian tradition, but it wasn’t founded on it. Our laws don’t come from the Bible, they come from Congress and the Constitution. Judge Moore’s comments show that he believes that you have to believe in the Judeo-Christian tradition to uphold the law in this country, and that simply isn’t true.

Judge Moore has an obligation to the Constitution of the United States, an obligation he entered into freely. If he doesn’t like the law, then he should step aside and work to change it. Until then, he has no right to defy the laws of his state or of this country, no matter what his personal feelings.

Of course, the opponents of the monument aren’t blameless either. They’ve transformed this into a major polarizing issue, which is only going to divide this country. The monument is hardly such a great infringement of people’s rights that it’s worth going to such expense and controversy to see it removed.

5 thoughts on “Judge Moore Vs. Cthulhu

  1. Some activist needs to set up a similarly placed monument to the five pillars of Islam. That would end this argument pretty quick.

  2. The brilliantly evil and calculated strategic smile of Karl Rove and Co. in this administration has turned me into a wholesale conspiracy theorist. We already know from the December 2000 ruling that the Supreme Court is very motivated in creating and maintaining a Bush Presidency. With that said, one has to wonder if Rove and the gang haven’t cooked up a little rope-a-dope scheme with Sandra Day O’Connor and/or Anthony Kennedy where the two of them take the liberal side on issues such as repealing anti-sodomy laws and mandating that the Ten Commandments be removed from a courthouse, all in an effort to outrage conservatives and shore up their base for 2004.

    And it won’t be just partisan conservatives who can be expected to flock to Bush “in defense of the Judeo-Christian tradition.” A recent poll showed that a third of registered Democrats and a third of independents would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported gay marriage. One can only expect similar numbers over an issue like a judge’s “right” to keep the Ten Commandments in a municipal courthouse. Then, Bush can swoop in, making benign public statements pledging his opposition to gay marriage and his support for “freedom of religious expression” while the Democrat candidates foolishly play into his hands, calling him a bigot or a bible-banger and alienating a large segment of socially conservative swing voters otherwise repulsed by Bush’s rabidly anti-populist and budget-busting domestic policy and the mess he’s created in Iraq. Suddenly, Bush won’t look so bad compared to the “San Francisco Democrats and northeastern liberals hijacking our tradition values”.

    I’m all but convinced that there’s some under-the-table dealings between Karl Rove and Justices O’Connor and Kennedy to make the Supreme Court look like a left-wing entity “out of touch with the values of our founding fathers that must be saved by the heroics of our one true patriot George Bush…Vote Bush 2004!”

  3. You forgot the part about the Bavarian Illuminati working with Beta Reticulan Greys to harvest the organs of Democrats and use it to feed the cave trolls that fly the Black Helicopters…

  4. I just don’t see how an enshrined monument that says “Thou shalt have no other gods but me” could possibly be anything other than an unconstitutional endorsement of a particular religion to the exclusion of others.

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