The Left’s Racial Double-Standards

In December of last year, many right-wing bloggers including myselfdemanded that Trent Lott step down as Majority Leader for his racially-intolerant praise of former Senator Strom Thurmond’s racial separatism.

Now, the left is defending Cruz Bustamante’s refusal to distance himself from the extremist and racist group MEChA.

MEChA is a radical racial separatist group that calls for the Southwest US to join with Mexico to form a Chicano-only state called Aztlan. The motto of MEChA is "Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" – "For the Race everything, for those outside the Race, nothing." This is no different from being a member of a radical separatist group calling for a reinstution of a whites-only Confederacy and going under the motto of "The South for whites only." Furthermore, MEChA is also viruently anti-Semitic and anti-homosexual as well.

It is clear that there is double-standard being practiced by the left. They demanded that Trent Lott step down for not distancing himself from Strom Thurmond, yet they’re all too willing to give Cruz Bustamante a pass for not denouncing his own racist past. Groups like MEChA preach racial apartheid and intolerance of others, yet the left seems to care little that Lt. Gov. Bustamante is unwilling to denounce such hate.

It is yet another example of how the left is perfectly willing to place politics well above principle.

5 thoughts on “The Left’s Racial Double-Standards

  1. I don’t recall Bustamante telling people that MEChA should be president. You’re comparing somebody who was forced out for what he said with somebody who you want forced out because of what he hasn’t said, yet. There’s a double standard here, but it’s on your part.

  2. So if a Republican was found to be a member of the KKK and would not state on the record that racial separatism is wrong, you wouldn’t make an issue of it, right?

    Of course you would, and that is where the double standard lies.

  3. Is a member? Or was a member? There’s an obvious difference.

    Let me ask you – if a candidate for governor mentioned in an interview how much he liked shoving women’s faces into toilet bowls, would you elect him to run your state?

    I guess your open support of Arnold means that yes, you would.

    But I do find Bustamonte’s reluctance to distance himself from this organization shady at best. But who knows? Maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to it, or something.

  4. Actually your article confirms what I suspected – this is a bunch of flap about nothing.

    The KKK is responsible for the lynchings of many black people. What the hell is this MEChA? A piss-ant student group. And he’s addressed the issue exactly how he should – reminding people that the MEChA is an all talk and no walk student group, like the College Republicans. Once again the GOP makes a mountain out of a molehill. Boring – next topic.

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