$20 Sherbert

In October, US $20 bills will be replaces with a new multi-hued color scheme rather than the traditional greenbacks. The changes are designed to help foil counterfitting.

Personally, I think it looks like a bill made of rainbow sherbert. It’s a bit too colorful for my tastes.

As long as we’re redesigning bills, we should follow the lead of most every other country and have different bills with different sizes. Even better would be the kind of laminated currency that Australia uses that is far more durable than the linen print we use now.

Then again, given the tepid response to the dollar coin, somehow I have a feeling we won’t see many changes to US currency. Then again, with PayPal, debit cards, and other cashless schemes, perhaps it won’t matter in the long run anyway…

2 thoughts on “$20 Sherbert

  1. Makes the bills easier to sort and tell apart, so that after a night of drink… er, basket weaving, you don’t accidentally give the barten… err, wicker seller a $50 instead of a $20.

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