Another Suicide Bombing

Another suicide bombing has rocked central Jerusalem cafe. At least two are dead, and a number of others are wounded.

The people of Israel are at war, and it is time that they stopped pretending otherwise. Hamas and Hizb’Allah want to destroy Israel and finish the work of the Holocaust.

This will be a busy night for the IDF indeed. May the terrorists who perpetrated this act meet with the swift hand of justice soon.

8 thoughts on “Another Suicide Bombing

  1. While Israel certainly has the right to defend itself, I think that they must be mindful of the consequences that their actions will have on the Road Map. We must not let a few bombs, or a few more dead Israelis, more or less, set back the cause of peace, which is the highest priority. The Palestinians must do more to stop terrorism, and their new prime minister, Ahmed Quiera, must be given a chance. Above all, Israel should refrain from taking any action that will weaken Quiera’s position. Israel should consider further relaxing checkpoints that make the everyday lives of peace-loving Palestinians inconvenient. They should stop buidling the security fence, as this is an obstacle to peace. Israel should release more terr– er, militants from jails as a sign of good faith. Mostly, though, we simply must move forward towards the establishment of a Palestinian state at all costs.

    How was that? I’m auditioning for a job in the President’s Department of Appeasement.

  2. Jay,

    First: terrorism of any form -activist-led or State-sponsored, is a plague to Humanity & must be fight with ultimate adamancy.

    That said, your ignorance or hypocrisy is mind-blogging…

    Menahem Begin of Israel – a former Likoud PM & Irgoun terrorist, supported, encouraged & financed Hamas creation 20 years ago, with a view to thwarting PLO’s so far successful leadership in managing Palestinian cause (Beyrouth was then on the verge of being invaded by Tsahal).

    Exactly what the Bush family & the oil clique did with Oussama Ben Laden during the 80s in Afghanistan.

    In their myopic attempt to fight the effects of Frankenstein-style terrorism, both the USA & Israel are actually fostering the roots of terrorism.

    This IS a mortal threat for World peace and a legacy of those two rogue States customary of playing with the devil’s tail.

  3. Absolutely. In fact, I’d say that the most powerful weapon against terrorism is love. Instead of trying to kill terr– er, militant Palestinian leaders, Ariel Sharon should give them all hugs. Individual Israelis can help by practicing passive peacemaking. When a bomb blows your leg off, don’t scream or hop around. That just helps the cause of those who don’t want peace. Instead, lie quietly, and think about how the suicide militant must have felt. If you survive, think about what actions you can take personally to help his family with their grief. Consider sending flowers.

  4. Spoons,

    Believe it or not: I’m not being ironical.

    If Israel had financed more schools, hospitals, roads, utilities, joint-ventures & research programmes between Israel & Palestine (from 1967 on, for instance), there would surely be less terrorism today.

    I’m not saying that Israel has no right to defend itself. I’m merely suggesting that many Israelis understand their country has utterly mismanaged its relationship with its closest neighbour which should also be its best partner in business etc.

    What a waste !

    Qui sème le vent récolte la tempête: as you sow, so shall you reap.

  5. “Do you want the greater Land of Israel? No problem. Abandon democracy. Let’s institute an efficient system of racial separation here, with prison camps and detention villages. Qalqilya Ghetto and Gulag Jenin.

    Do you want a Jewish majority? No problem. Either put the Arabs on railway cars, buses, camels and donkeys and expel them en masse – or separate ourselves from them absolutely, without tricks and gimmicks. There is no middle path.”

  6. Spoons,

    Am I right in thinking that, acording to you, Israel can’t be held whatsoever accountable of the current situation? (although Palestinians are obviously to blame too)

  7. Not all israelis are believing this crap from A.Sharon. His strategy is just one of the less efficient in terms of security. the people of Israel are already starting to see that. The mouvement “peace now” is growing strong because the population know that you cannot achieve peace if you only buy guns.

    We all know the palestinians failures, here are the israelis for those that think that Israel is doing its best:
    The wall is growing
    The colonies haven’t been dismantled (if yes, they’ve been replaced by 2 new ones), nor stopped from “natural growth”
    Tsahal is still occupying palestinian territory.

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