Baghdad Bob Gives Away The Farm

An an interview with Abu Dhabi TV, the former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf has admitted that Iraq had been smuggling banned weapons materials right up to the beginning of the war. al-Sahhaf would be the first Iraqi official to publicly state that Iraq has been violating UN sanctions on disarmament. More on the story as it develops…

6 thoughts on “Baghdad Bob Gives Away The Farm

  1. Well, he’d be in a position to know, and Saddam isn’t paying him to lie any more. If he has some leads that can be followed up on it would be highly beneficial to the search for Iraq’s weapons.

    I’ll be curious to see what else he has to say, apparently he’s given a very lengthy interview to Abu Dhabi TV…

  2. well, if what he says lead to some real, major discovery, why not. Until then, he’s just the funniest guy ever.

    Plus, there might be somebody else paying now…

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