Exploring Continental Anti-Semitism

Merde in France points out that French philosopher and son of a Holocaust survivor Alain Finkielkraut has a new book out on French anti-Semitism called Au nom de l’autre (In the Name of the Other). It’s an interesting and highly detailed exploration of the new wave of anti-Semitism that has taken root in Europe. Unfortunately, there’s not yet an English translation available, and it’s written in a very verbose style of French. However, if one is willing to wade through the language is it also an exceptionally illuminating view of the way in which anti-Semitism has once again woven itself into the very fabric of European society. As the book jacket reads:

Il faut du courage pour porter une kippa dans ces lieux féroces qu’on appelle cités sensibles et dans le métro parisien ; le sionisme est criminalisé par toujours plus d’intellectuels, l’enseignement de la Shoah se révèle impossible à l’instant même où il devient obligatoire, la découverte de l’Antiquité livre les Hébreux au chahut des enfants, l’injure "sale juif" a fait sa réapparition (en verlan) dans presque toutes les cours d’école. Les Juifs ont le cœur lourd et, pour la première fois depuis la guerre, ils ont peur.

One needs courage to wear in a kippa in those wild places now termed "sensitive" and in the subways of Paris. Zionism has been deemed criminal by the intellectuals, and remembrance of the Holocaust is being made impossible even at a moment where it is once again necessary, and the phrase "dirty Jews" has made its appearance in the slang of every grade in schools. Jews have a heavy heart, and for the first time since the war, they are afraid.

Of course, the French government has done little to combat the insidious spread of anti-Semitism, preferring to ignore the matter entirely. However, for many French Jews, the same fear of violence and hatred is a clear and present danger. The same groups that claim to be representing the repressed worldwide, the heirs of the bloody ideologies of Franz Fanon are dragging Europe to the darkest hour of its history.

One thought on “Exploring Continental Anti-Semitism

  1. Man you’re so dreaming. I don’t think the situation of Jews in France is at stake (this book was published or not?), plus, the government acted very strongly and efficiently against the few moves against temples. Mr Sarkozy firmly stands on that, and one should know that what he wants, he gets!!

    In my life, I’ve heard “sale arabe”, et “sale noire” many more times than “sale juif”. Some young muslims from the suburbs are getting all excited about the middle-east situation, but let me tell you it’s nothing in comparison to a “brother” walking down a latinos neighbourhood in the US. Nobody get shot in France. Ever.
    Please don’t talk about what you just don’t know. There has been an increase in anti-jews actions, but no one was killed (well actually one rabbi was killed by one of his fellow disciple because he participated in a multi-religious event), the government and the population strongly disagree, and anti-muslim feeling is still a lot higher.
    What is your goal this time?
    propaganda, always propaganda. Are you never tired of these gossips that do nothing but worsen the situation? Is that a wishful thinking or what? Jay, France is a free country believe me! For all religions.
    After 9/11, a few muslims were shot in the US you know!

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