Butler Says Iraq War Justified

Former UN weapons inspector and head of UNSCOM until 1998 Richard Butler is speaking out about the US-led war on Iraq:

He said the United States and its allies had no choice but to invade Iraq and overthrow Sadaam Hussein’s government.

Butler likened Saddam to Adolf Hitler and said the evil dictator used the weapons on live people.

"I want to be plain about this," Butler’s voice heightened. "The overthrow of Sadaam Hussein was justified whether or not there was reluctance to authorize it. … No one could say it is wrong to overthrow a homicidal maniac. The Security Council sat on its hands for 10 years."

As for not finding these weapons allegedly in Iraq, Butler said he is sure Saddam had them. He said Saddam was addicted to the deadly weapons, and whether they are still in Iraq but hidden, moved or destroyed, they did exist.

"Don’t believe those who say they aren’t there just because we haven’t found them. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction," Butler told the crowd. "Iraq certainly did have weapons of mass destruction. Trust me. I held some in my own hands."

If only more politicians had the same level of common sense. At the end of the day there were only two options: either remove Saddam Hussein for power, or allow him to continue his killing spree. I fail to see how anyone with any degree of perspective and common sense could argue that leaving Saddam free is the more moral choice.

Then again, for the people making that argument it has never been about making the moral choice, it’s about embarrassing the Bush Administration for political gain.

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