4 thoughts on “Flip Flop Wes

  1. As underwhelmed as I am by Clark, he just polled three points ahead of George Bush today. You guys definitely better keep them razors sharp to keep swinging for his jugular now before he opens up that lead further….with tremendous help from Bush’s unwavering incompetence.

  2. Ronald Reagan had an approval rating of around 40% a year before the election of ’84. The polls don’t mean anything right now.

  3. I agree that polls this early are irrelevant with the fickle American electorate. Nonetheless, if candidates as uninspiring as John Kerry and Dick Gephardt are either tied or very close behind Bush, as today’s polls suggest, is a very bad sign for Bush. On top of that, all the current problems are very likely to be substantially worse by next year at this time, particularly America’s financial situation. It’s still an uphill climb to rid the White House of Texas oilmen, but Bush is doing everything he can to ensure he follows in his father’s one-term footsteps.

    If a single Democrat ends up being the least bit of a motivation to their base and swing voters, I expect a slam-dunk against Bush will not be out of the question. Then again, if the competition is perceived as McGovern or Mondale-ish, a Reagan-style landslide could also occur despite Bush’s stunning mishandling of nearly everything he’s touched.

  4. You know, being McGovernish might not be a bad thing, considering it can be respun in another direction-

    Do we really want to re-elect Richard Nixon?


    How history repeats itself…

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