The War Against Bush

E.J. Dionne has an interesting piece on the dynamics of anti-Bush feelings in the 2004 election. He argues that the Democrats aren’t really going left at all:

In fact, the dislike of Bush among Democrats is more personal and partisan than it is ideological. Democrats are not, in fact, moving to the far left.

This explains why retired Gen. Wesley Clark could jump so quickly in the polls – witness his top billing in this week’s Newsweek survey of Democrats. Clark has won support from figures as diverse as Michael Moore, the angry, irreverent anti-corporate filmmaker, and Mickey Kantor, the smooth, resolutely pro-business Democratic insider. To beat Bush, they are willing to back a general whose views on many issues are unknown – and appears to have voted for Ronald Reagan. Whether they are right or wrong about Clark, pure ideologues don’t do stuff like that. They back Dennis Kucinich.

I’m not so sure of Dionne’s analysis, but it does dovetail with Andrew Sullivan saying that the Democrats will do anything to win, and Clark is perceived as the best man for the job.

However, I maintain that the left wing of the Democratic Party is firmly in control. If the Democrats really wanted to win Lieberman would be leading the polls by a wide margin – but he’s running on empty in the key primary states of Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. The Howard Dean momentum may not be in the eye of the media any more, but it hasn’t gone away. The Democrats want to win, and but they also want a candidate who constantly throws red meat to them. I have a feeling that the grass-roots "progressive" movement will stick with Dean.

This leads the Democrats towards a massive clash of egos. You have the arrogant and calculating Howard Dean versus the equally arrogant and calculating Wesley Clark, fighting for the same section of the Democratic vote. Dean won’t go down without a fight, and what a fight it will be.

7 thoughts on “The War Against Bush

  1. it’s not because he is stupid moron who only got to this position because his father was, or because he runs the highest deficit ever, or because he ruined the very strong sympathy of the rest of the world in only one year, or because he attacked a country for private interest that people are saying bad things about bush. It’s because they are ANTI-BUSH!!! It’s a small group that hated Bush for no reason since he was born.

    Too much … kills … .(replace the dots by: tax, information, or anti-me theory!!)

  2. If Democrats run like Republicans, you can be assured that a Republican will win every time. Joe Lieberman is essentially George Bush. Their differences on key issues are negligible, and a Lieberman presidency ensures that the same wrongheaded track Bush has led us down will be continued, for the most part. Considering how messed up nearly everything is, the Democrats are wise to run as an alternative to the policies that are tanking America. Whether or not the Democratic solutions (or lack thereof) will significantly improve things is less likely, even though it will be assuredly less destructive than the road we’re currently traveling.

    There’s a reason why every Republican is trying to market Lieberman as if he’s one of their own candidates. They know that of the top-tier candidates, he would be the least motivational challenger to Bush and the comedy of errors that is his administration, which the GOP is getting very nervous about despite their relentless swagger. Lieberman would neither inspire the party base or inspire swing voters. He’s boring, he’s close to a Republican….and he’s Jewish. I definitely do believe the majority of states in America are ready for a Jewish President.

  3. I think you have missed some of this. If the “left wing” were really in charge then Dennis Kucinich (or however you spell his name) would be leading. Instead a moderate governor and an ex-general seem to be leading.

  4. Jay,

    Do yourself a huge favour: drop Bush & try to find someone relevant anywhere farther than your litlle nose’s end.

    You -& your country- surely deserve someone better than a brainwashing, nepotist, illiterate, manipulated warmonger.

    Be decent with yourself.

  5. the left’s hatred of Bush is bitter and personal

    Would you please mind clarifying this sweet & universal -albeit wanton & pathetic- remark for me, Jay?

    Thank you in advance.

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