Limbaugh Steps Down At ESPN

After some controversial statements on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown Rush Limbaugh is resigning from ESPN after only a few weeks on the job.

What Limbaugh said doesn’t strike me as particularly racist, although when you’re Rush Limbaugh you’d think you’d have realized that everything you say will be put under a microscope and examined for anything that even remotely resembles scandal. One would think that someone in his position would be more judicious in his comments – then again, Limbaugh has never been one to mince words on any issue.

4 thoughts on “Limbaugh Steps Down At ESPN

  1. The race issue was a stupid thing to even bring up on ESPN anyway. I actually had faith that Rush would just stick with football (since he does have a good amount of knowledge of the sport), but I guess I was wrong.
    The press this has gotten is not surprising, because of who Rush is, and how many people want to bring him down. However, like any other controversy sadly, Limbaugh will profit. Tomorrow his ratings for his show will probably be the highest of the year, and this will attract more people to his program.

  2. One has to wonder is Limbaugh’s foot-in-mouth was the legitimate product of someone so clueless as to not comprehend the depth of suffocating political correctness in America today, or if he was trying to make a martyr of himself to salvage his floundering public image as the voice of modern conservatism. Perhaps he really did think he could say something like that and have it go unnoticed by the finger waggers. Either way, this is the first time that Rush Limbaugh’s name has been in the news since Bob Dole was the Senate Majority Leader. For so many conservatives (and right-leaning moderates fed up with political correctness run amok) to see their fearless leader nailed to the cross will be a nice image-boosting (and ratings-boosting) consequence.

  3. “floundering public image”???

    Maybe he hasn’t been in the news since his hearing loss a few years back, but the man still has the number 1 radio program in America….

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