Israel Strikes Back

Israel has attacked an Islamic Jihad base in Syria from the air in response to the horrible suicide bombing of a Haifa restaurant.

The single best response to this action came from Sen. Joe Lieberman:

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said Sunday that Israel’s attack on the Syrian-based camp was "not unlike what we did after Sept. 11, attacking Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan."

Syria has been consistantly been a state sponsor of terror worldwide. Syria has harbored Islamic Jihad, Hizb’Allah, Hamas, and other radical Islamist terrorist groups. Syria’s support of terrorism is simply unacceptable, and states that are the victims of terror have every right to defend themselves against terror.

When Clinton attacked al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, there was little outcry from the world community or the UN. I have the feeling that Israel will be held to a different and more disciminatory standard. However, Israel has the same right as any other free and democratic state to defend its existence against attack by groups whose stated goal is the complete and utter destruction of Israel.

7 thoughts on “Israel Strikes Back

  1. Good for Israel. No doubt the morally bankrupt hacks in Brussels and the Arab Capitals will be up in arms over this. Syria is an awful regime that is illegally occupying Lebanon and supporting terrorism. I fully agree that Israel had the right to take these actions. It is funny that to the left wing Israel is the only country that has no right to defend its people. I suppose that compliments the left’s view that Israel does not deserve to exist at all.

  2. They could have. If the Israelis were as bad as you accuse them of being they could reduce every Arab country to ash with the push of a button. They could launch a nuclear weapon into Mecca in the middle of the Hajj.

    But they don’t. Nor would they.

    If the Palestinians had a nuclear weapon, do you think that they would not use it? If they got their hands on a nuke, Tel Aviv or Haifa would be destroyed in a heartbeat, and the Friday sermons at mosques throughout the Arab world make that goal clear.

    Now tell me which side is deserving of more comdemnation.

  3. How can you predict such a thing?
    How do you know.
    Until today, the death toll is still:
    2854 palestinians/832 israelis.

  4. Not to mention zionist activists entertaining terrorism in the former Palestine under British mandate, including sending Jewish children to provocate the Tommies (very first intifada).

    Syria has a right to defend herself & to strike back. Sharon is a felon to Israeli nation: this fat, corrupted, heinous drunkard will be punished by his own people for having changed a once prosperous, optimistic State into a roguish, suicidal, neurotic UN-law-serial-rapist.

  5. vincent where did you get this stat of 2854 palestinians/832 israelis? (I am not being critical, I am really curious)

  6. it’s from the first newpaper in France: Le Monde.
    It was just a “dépêche”, which means a toolbar on the right with breaking news, so I can’t provide the link (since it’s gone), but I’m rather sure it is correct.
    If you have any other data, please forward.
    As far as I can remenber, the proportion has always been almost the same.

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