California readers should remember to vote in today’s recall race. Also, if you are a California voter and you see groups using illegal methods of getting people to the polls, campaigning in poll places, or other illegal actvities, the California Vote Fraud Hotline is 1-800-345-VOTE or 1-866-452-8682.

6 thoughts on “VOTE!

  1. Damn… why can’t South Dakota have recall elections… these are just too much fun…

    Go Ahhnold! If nobody can save California from ruin, we can at least enjoy watching it burn… 😉

  2. Funny you should mention South Dakota. With Bill Janklow indicating it’ll take a team of horses to drag him out of Washington, he would seem to be a much more credible candidate for recall than Gray Davis ever was.

  3. The cocksucking communists (DUMB acrats) are the ones who ran the state into the ground. GET RID OF THEM ALL – and this will be AMERICA, AGAIN !

  4. Hey Me: love freedom, democracy, voting? Like free press? Like overtime pay after 40 hours? Like weekends? Like decent wages?

    Thank a liberal.

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