Go Ahead, Make My Day

Kos is already talking about a recall of Arnold. In time for the March Democratic primary no less.

This is every Republicans wet dream, another recall would create another massive backlash against the Democrats, Arnold would win hands down, and the Democrats would have another major loss in the season before the 2004 contest.

So please Democrats, recall Arnold. Keep playing gutter politics. Don’t learn from the mistakes of 2002 and 2003. Because the lower you go, the better the chances this country will kick you out on your asses.

6 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make My Day

  1. Go on Democrats–keep playing gutter politics?

    If a recall effort by Democrats is “gutter politics,” I guess that means you’re admitting that the current recall fits into the same category. Admitting your ilk dwells in the gutters is progress, I guess.

    As for recalling Arnold, I doubt there are too many people seriously considering that option. The Dems have two very good lines of defense at this point.

    Option 1: Before Schwarzenegger unveils his slash-and-burn reverse Robin Hood budget plans, the Legislature can publicly warn him and California voters in advance of what line they’ll be unwilling to cross…and when he inevitably crosses it with radical right-wing cruelty towards poor and working class Californians, they can obstruct him every step of the way and maintain the moral high ground, thus immediately weakening Schwarzenegger’s leadership and making him the villain.

    Option #2: Comply with Arnold’s demands and the let the pain ensue. Tell California voters that it was against their ideological judgment to pass Arnold’s inevitable sabotage-of-government budget, but they felt compelled to “give voters what they asked for.” This would reek of partisan posturing, but as voters demonstrated yesterday, “somebody’s gotta pay”, and the man in charge will always be the primary target. Thus, California Democrats could keep tabs on the specific cases of vulnerable residents kicked down the steps as a result of Arnold’s policies. Increasing the suffering of vulnerable residents would be a badge of honor in Texas or most other Southern states, but I don’t think it would boost Arnold’s popularity in California, as clueless as voters there now appear to be.

    Either way, Californians were unimaginably naive if they thought this viciously partisan recall move was gonna improve the tone in their state or solve any of their deep-rooted problems that trace back nearly a century. The Democrats should weigh their long-term options rather than seek instant-gratification vengeance of an immediate recall effort, which would almost certainly fail. With a more calculated strategy, the Democrats can make Schwarzenegger, his GOP puppetmasters, and most importantly, the voters of California, pay for their foolish choice….and force the latter group to come crawling back to the Dems with their tail between their legs.

  2. Mark epitomizes the cardinal sin of modern-day Democrats: a total contempt for the electorate.

    No wonder they’re losing votes.

  3. Listening to the Dems here in California, if there is an attempt at another recall, I suspect they would want to time it with the November Presidential election, forcing the GOP to expend resources in California on both Bush and Arnold, and having the effect of keeping Arnold from helping Bush. Hopefully the voters would see right through that.

  4. Once again, the GOP resorts to comparing political opponents with the enemy during wartime…I feel like Max Cleland. Way to cater to the will of the people who are “sick of partisanship above all” there, guy. 😀

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