Would Pat Robertson Shut The Hell Up?

Pat Robertson has proven that idiotarianism isn’t confined just to the left when he called for somone to nuke the US State Department.

Statements like that only give ammunition to people who want to paint conservatives as a bunch of wacko extremists. There is no excuse for calling for anyone to engage in acts of terrorism against the United States, no matter who the hell is in charge. In this country, we don’t solve our problems with nuclear weapons. We solve them by going to the ballot box. If that isn’t clear for Rev. Robertson, there are plenty of places where violence is routinely used to solve political problems. I would suggest North Korea or Iran as places where such an ideology would be perfectly acceptable.

Quite frankly, I think it would be great if the Justice Department prosecuted Robertson for inciting terrorism under the PATRIOT Act and sent his ass to Gitmo. After all, I’m sure he’d love being in the company of more violence-loving religious fanatics.

2 thoughts on “Would Pat Robertson Shut The Hell Up?

  1. Considering the fundamentalist zealots who Pat Robertson has turned into loyal Republicans in the past 20 years, I’d say it’s a tad unlikely that his ideological soulmate John Ashcroft will be too inclined to send the goon squad after PR. Republicans cannot and will not win elections solely on the messages of waging pre-emptive wars on the world’s dissenters or your brand of radical anti-populism. They need the dirt-poor Bible bangers from the South who are loyal viewers of the 700 Club (really loyal now that all the Dixie-based textile jobs that used to employ them have since moved to China and they now have nothing else to do but listen to the Robertsons tell them about how wonderful Bush has been for them). Robertson has a license to say virtually anything without rebuke in a party that needs his minions to win elections, mean that Team Bush will be just as unlikely to slap up Robertson for this assinine statement as they were when he Jerry Falwell told us on Sept. 12, 2001, that America deserved 9-11 because of gays, lesbians and the ACLU.

  2. Social Democrats, USA
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    Splitting the Republican Coalition

    Irving Kristol is a leading spokesman among neoconservatives. He co-edits the Public Interest, a journal that is often an excellent source on political and economic matters. Kristol did a piece for the Wall Street Journal in June called “Times of Transformation.” In it he delivers a seminal analysis of the current political scene. The article, although not so intended, suggests a winning strategy for Democrats.

    Kristol points out that the conservative revolution in the Republican Party occurred in 1964 when Rockefeller lost the presidential nomination. He argues that the liberal revolution captured the Democratic Party in 1972 with the nomination of George McGovern.

    Kristol described the current Republican coalition as consisting primarily of two main strains: economic and social conservatives. The economic conservatives are anti-state and the social conservatives are anti-liberal who view liberalism “as corroding and subverting the virtues that they believe must be the bedrock of decent society.” He believes that the differences between the economic conservatives and the social conservatives produce “tensions” between the two groups. Kristol’s long range view is that the social conservatives represent “an authentic mass movement that gathers strength with every passing year.”


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