The French Resistance

Reason has an interesting interview with French libertarian activist Sabine Herold.

Those who have been busy these last months calling her countrymen "weasels" are surely familiar with the notion that the top-down French society tends to produce monochromatic views at odds with the White House. Herold, who considers herself a strong patriot, bristles at the tension, but lays much of the blame on the French government’s anti-war policies and the broad-based anti-Yankee sentiment behind it.

"I think one of the big problems in France is that we are anti-American without knowing why," she says. "It’s just kind of a natural thing. I mean so many people I meet are anti-war, and they’ll just say that Bush is stupid and the Americans are awful imperialists. It’s just their typical answer, and they never think of why. That’s crazy. I think it’s because we’re all being brought up like that, especially at school. It’s incredible how we’re taught about America — they’re always explaining, for example in geography or history courses, how Americans are imperialistic."

It’s good to hear that there are at least a few voices of sanity coming out of France these days.

One thought on “The French Resistance

  1. With all that you post on your page one might ask if you ever get tired of bashing the French? I can’t say that and make a straight face. I am glad though that at least some french people are recognizing the attitude that France have towards Americans. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that I love about France, but there are alot of things that bother me about this country.
    Here is a websight that has lots of french jokes and quotes! Enjoy!

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