The Plame Leak Revisited

Zonitics does what the media should have done and actually looks up the relevant statute on leaking the names of undercover agents. What he finds is that the statutory definition of an undercover agent is someone who has served abroad within the last five years. Considering that there is evidence that Plame’s cover had already been blown in 1994 by Russian agent Aldrich Ames it seems unlikely that Plame was involved in sensitive operations.

However, that doesn’t excuse the leak. There is still the potential that the release of the information may have compromised some undercover operations, even if the chance is small. Whoever leaked the information should be punished.

At the same time, Democrats who think this scandal can be pushed on Karl Rove’s lap are going to be sorely disappointed. It’s looking like the leak had come from CIA personnel working for the National Security Council rather than someone higher up on the White House totem pole.

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