The US Gets The Resolution

The UN Security Council has unanimously passed the US/UK Iraq resolution. The US held strong that they would not tolerate UN interference in the process of restoring democracy to Iraq. The US must try to restore sovereignty to Iraq as soon as possible (which we had every intention of doing anyway) and presenting a timetable to the Security Council for elections and a new constitution by December 15. (My suggestion for the timeline: When it’s done.)

All in all, a symbolic win for the US. Of course this doesn’t change anything, we won’t get any significant amount of international troops other than those already there, and already Europe is saying that they won’t send more than a token amount of money. In the end, Bush can say that he got the UN’s seal of approval, and it didn’t do a damn thing for us.

4 thoughts on “The US Gets The Resolution

  1. “In the end, Bush can say that he got the UN’s seal of approval, and it didn’t do a damn thing for us.”

    When the countries of the world had the choice to go to war or not, they choosed no (the US finally didn’t proposed their resolution because of that).
    Now that Irak is under US forces, no one can choose anymore, and just sign peace with the US.

    No one wants to go to war with the US.
    That is the only “seal” you got yesterday: people are affraid of the US…great position, isn’it?
    The US used to be the dream of the whole world. Now, thanks to W, it is its worst nightmare.

  2. Are you completely nuts?

    If you seriously think the United States would go to war with someone just because they didn’t sign the UN resolution, quite frankly you’ve got a screw loose.

  3. See, Jay, your problem is that you only consider war as a means of coersion and intimidation. “Afraid of the US” does not mean afraid of our military. It can also mean afraid of economic reprisals.

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