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The Boston Herald has a good editorial on the latest news from the UN and the Senate on Iraq. This is what they said about Kennedy’s shameful comments:

Let’s see, at the United Nations Security Council members resolved their considerable differences with the United States over the Iraq war and voted unanimously yesterday to cooperate in a move that could mean more international troops and more money for reconstruction. Germany, Russia, France and Syria, the council’s only Arab nation, voted for the U.S. resolution.

But in Washington, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy continues ranting as if he resides on some other planet – Planet Partisan, perhaps?

…On the floor of the U.S. Senate, where an $87 billion package to fund military operations and rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq was being debated, this is what Kennedy had to say:

“The trumped-up reasons for going to war have collapsed. Before the war, week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after lie after lie. . . The [Bush] administration refuses to face the truth or tell the truth.”

And apparently so that his remarks should not, heaven forbid, be misconstrued, Kennedy added, “A `no’ vote is not a vote against supporting our troops. It is a vote to send the administration back to the drawing board.”

That is a feat of such verbal gymnastics it defies belief.

Syria, China, Russia, France, Germany have put aside their differences with the Bush administration for the greater good and to assure a better future for Iraq.

Ted Kennedy offers more empty rhetoric, which won’t buy the bullet-proof vests for troops or rebuild bridges for Iraqis.

Of course, Sen. Kennedy cares more about beating Bush than he does about the lives of over 20 million Iraqis – which is why people like Kennedy do not deserve to be in office.

One thought on “The Boston Herald on Kennedy

  1. Still, I’m looking forward to watching friends of George H.W. Bush lavish praise on Sen. Kennedy when they honor him with an award for “Excellence in Public Service.” Should be fun.

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