6 thoughts on “Triumph Of The Weak-Willed

  1. No, I’d just rather not take down Augie’s e-mail system with hate mail… I realize you were being facetious, but others might not, and I don’t need the headaches.

  2. Jay,

    Do you really think that all protestors belong to these sorts of fringe groups? Do all people who abhor abortion belong to Operation Rescue? Stop generalizing based on a few radical elements.

  3. Defeat!!!

    Jay has just -by his own rules, mind you, as set up a couple of weeks ago- forfeited this little game of his. He said that he who first makes third Reich related comments is out. By virtue of this simple rule, I vote Jay out.

    The reason: The title for the motherposting here makes needless reference to Leni Riefenstahl’s nazi propaganda movie “Triumph of the Will.”

    To quote a politician of fame and renown: hasta la vista, Jay-ie.

  4. So, just so we’re clear, your complaint is that the left stopped acting like thoughtful debators and started acting like Fox News? For clarity: the charge is not misconduct, but hypocrisy, right? You aren’t seriously arguing that “you wouldn’t see conservatives behaving like that,” are you?

    Just checking.

  5. I think the hypocracy of the left using violence and killing to protest war and items like abortion have turned so many people off.

    If you say that the right are hawks and promote violence then it is not hypocritical for them to use violence to obtain your goal.

    But if you say your side is the doves and for peaceful solutions and you use violence to obtain your goals it IS hypocritical.

    I think it’s the hypocracy that bothers people more than most anything they could say.

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