French Unilateralism

France is getting away with a slap on the wrist for deliberately violating the Maastricht Treaty, the core economic treaty that defines the EU’s collective economic policy.

Of course, things like international treaties and agreements only count when they can be used against the US – when a treaty interferes with France’s economic well-being they simply don’t matter.

4 thoughts on “French Unilateralism

  1. France violate european law because of its deficit (over 3%):

    1-this kind of action never killed anyone, so even if I don’t agree with it, there is no reason to blame France so much. I don’t think you can compare with violating the UN agreements, taking over a country illegally, detaining prisonners without lawyers or trial for years!!! The US are not only violating the Geneva convention everyday, but also the Kyoto protocol, the WTO…

    2-Many european countries agree on the fact that the pact is too rigid, especially when the economy is low, and need public spendings.

    3-This year, the US are reaching their lowest ever in term of deficit. Something like 300 billions…

    4-Last but not least, the european Commission just decided to let France off the hook this year, because the ministers gave sufficient reasons to explain the deficit (wrong economic previsions mostly…it seems like some assholes started a war that crashed the world economy this year- all but weapon producers), and ensured the EU with the fact that it is temporary. The Commission cleans France, but Jay doesn’t. Maybe he should read more european press before writting his anti-France comments everyday.

    Maybe he should read the press, and find some better issues to talk about. I think I heard that there was a vote in the UN yesterday that ended with 144 for, 11 neutral, and 4 against…about some kind of fence…Maybe it wasn’t that important!

  2. And our protectionism about the steel industry got us, what, twenty years in the Hague? A slap on the wrist is the international “high-five” these days.

  3. I don’t believe a final decision has been made on punishment for the steel tariffs yet. Quite frankly, Bush deserves whatever punishment the WTO decides upon – those tariffs should never have been passed.

    The fact is that France (and Germany and Italy, to be fair) are destroying the very fabric of the Eurozone. You cannot have a combined monetary policy if countries decide that it’s too hard to play by the rules. The actions of these countries are one of the reasons why the Swedes told the EU ‘nej’ on Eurozone integration. When you’re talking about complete economic integration you cannot simply ignore the rules when it is convenient. If France starts spending money like drunken sailors it doesn’t just effect France, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire Eurozone.

    The fact is that the French deficit is only going to get bigger. Unless France finds a Margaret Thatcher who would make the tough choices needed to end the stranglehold of France’s arrogant and corrupt unions and reform France’s equally arrogant and corrupt government, the French economy (and the rest of the Eurozone which has similar problems) will not get any better.

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