4 thoughts on “Still No Cure For Cancer…

  1. Wow, I think using the descriptive phrase “it sounds like a high-pitched raspberry” would undermine even the most significant scientific research. Thus, when it is applied to THIS “research” (cough cough)…

    Yet, “surprising and interesting” wins for most euphemistic and idiotic commentary.

    The real question is how many taxpayer dollars will now be invested in investigating this pressing scientific query? Maybe we should ask the ketchup advisory council…

  2. Hey, if you don’t like science, send back your computer, take off your clothes, and go live in a cave. If you don’t like the way science works, fine. You don’t get any.

    Knowledge isn’t sought because of obvious utility. Sometimes odd research goes on to inspire amazing practical benefit. The flip side of this coin is that some odd research winds up having no utility at all. It’s impossible to determine which is which before you do the research, however. Sometimes it’s impossible after the research.

  3. I agree that knowledge isn’t sought as a result of obvious utility and often the most useful discoveries in the course of history are made from accidental or seemingly ridiculous endeavors (thanks for the life lesson Hubbel telescope). I have no problem with investing money in scientific research for research’s sake…still…flatulent herrings?

    I can only hope that Ashton Kutcher is the result of such avant-garde experimentation. There seems to be no other explanation, and certainly no other excuse, for him.

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