The Matrix: Reviewed

OK, first thing out of the way right now.

The Matrix Revolutions does not suck.

I’m not sure what movie all those critics saw, but what I saw tonight was not a bad movie. It was far better than the last Matrix sequel, and better than most of the shlock Hollywood puts out. It was a movie that had the right mix of character moments and balls-to-the-wall action. The effects managed not to overwhelm the movie at all. They were part of the action, part of the story, not some sideline at all.

I’m thinking that the critics who saw this movie didn’t care for the characters when they walked in. If you didn’t already care for them the emotional parts of this movie would be lost on you, which would be a shame. However if you look at this film as the final part of a trilogy, it simply works.

I won’t spoil things, especially the ending, which I liked but others might hate. Suffice it to say it’s a far better movie than it’s being given credit for. It’s more high strung that the first and far less draggy than the second. It may not be high art, but it’s the kind of winter popcorn movie that’s worth blowing a few bucks on to pass some cold winter night.

Of course it won’t touch Return of the King which should sweep the Academy Awards in a just and fair universe (yes, I know, I haven’t seen it yet – but if Peter Jackson simply keeps up the level of quality of the first two the story should make it one of the best movies of all time). However, if you’re willing to choose to have an open mind about it, this is one red pill worth taking.

2 thoughts on “The Matrix: Reviewed

  1. Yeah, I saw it last night, but the awe wasn’t there for me like it was for #1, and the sheer volume of CGI was a bit much at times, but as a story conclusion goes it was pretty effing brilliant.

    My friends and I spent about two hours afterwards sitting around and discussing the biblical analogies in the three, as well. This thing was REALLY intricate! I’m certainly going to pay to see it again, though I don’t place it in the realm of the first Matrix film.

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