Lileks On The Matrix

James Lileks has his own review of The Matrix: Revolutions that pretty much is in sync with mine. (Great minds must think alike..)

But as an added bonus, he gives Harry Knowles’ massively idiotic review of a thorough Fisking. After reading Knowles’ sophomoric comments (and that’s giving them credit), one quickly realizes that knowing a great deal about cinema does not mean that you know a great deal about world politics. To think that there’s an entire group of people who are as completely misinformed about such a basic world issue as he is quite frankly scares the living hell out of me.

2 thoughts on “Lileks On The Matrix

  1. I already knew that, excuse my Francais, Harry Knowles is a complete fucking fatass fanboy moron. But I didn’t know how much of a complete fucking fatass fanboy moron he was until now. Wow. Knowles completely MISSED THE BOAT. COMPLETELY.

    (Not that I like to use the term fanboy in the pejorative, given how easily I can be accused of being one. 😉 )

  2. Well, I finally saw it, and I didn’t like it.

    It just lacked imagination. Sure, they had some pretty pictures, but we saw all those in the trailer. But the entire plot was just a predictable wind-down from the second movie.

    And the whole “not answering any of the damn questions”? That was cute for the first movie. It’s bullshit to offer us two more movies that still don’t answer questions.

    They never should have made sequels, or at least, they never should have brought Smith back. (That was the worst mistake, I think.) What happened to Neo’s godlike powers from the end of the first movie? Why does the guy who can “remake the Matrix as he sees fit” suddenly have to punch and kick agents again?

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