More Bad News For Democrats…

…and good news for everyone else. On Friday, the US Labor Department announced that 160,000 new jobs had been created in August and September.

Scrappleface has the best take on this issue:

“Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean today blasted President George Bush for fostering an economic recovery that deprives thousands of Americans of their leisure time. The attack comes on the day the Labor Department reported that payrolls grew by 126,000 last month, more than twice the number economists had predicted.”

5 thoughts on “More Bad News For Democrats…

  1. From the information I heard on Friday, nearly all of the new jobs are part-time retail positions without benefits. Perhaps this isn’t accurate, the figure for only 3% of the total number of jobs lost since 2000, so I wouldn’t get too excited until it becomes more clear whether the job growth has been sustained. We’ve had such upticks in the past three years, and they always seem to be followed with two or more quarters of flatline.

  2. Mark,

    I think the Democrats’ spin machine got jammed on “They’re all part time jobs at Walmart” back in the eighties.

    They really should have it looked at.

  3. Oh, Jay, you had to go and cheapena good rhetorical point made by Mitch with a laughably misleading line about the Twenties, before the Democratic economic policy that you conservatives fear to name came about. The best part is you cited a time when businesses were falsifying data and exploiting workers to increase profits, when laissez-faire was about to give us the greatest economic decline in our history, and when the White House was occupied by Republicans.

    Just once, Jay, your rhetoric should actually be accurate. Just once.

  4. Mitch, if you have figures that contradict my claim that McJobs constitute nearly all employment growth of the last couple months, feel free to share it with us and prove me wrong.

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