Ten Commandments Judge Moore Gets The Boot

Former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore has been removed from office for ignoring a federal appeals court ruling. Given the circumstances, I doubt another outcome would even be possible. Moore’s defense that the Alabama State Constitution acknowledges God doesn’t mean that he has the right to contradict a federal order – that’s basic McCulloch v. Maryland stuff any high schooler should know.

Of course, that radical “extremist” Bill Pryor who was viciously attacked by the Democrats for supposedly not following the rule of law (an idiotic charge to begin with) is the one largely responsible for pushing for Moore’s removal. Hardly the actions of someone who was supposedly so far out of the mainstream of legal thought as to not warrant an up-or-down vote.

3 thoughts on “Ten Commandments Judge Moore Gets The Boot

  1. One has to wonder if Karl Rove hasn’t met with Bill Pryor in recent weeks to let him know that ramping up efforts to derail Roy Moore would work to the Republican party’s advantage. Certainly the bible-thumping loonies with nothing better to worry about than a Ten Commandments statue in a courthouse will respond to Moore getting the boot by opening up their checkbook and making another donation to the Republican party for next year’s campaign.

  2. I don’t think that his ousting was as sure a thing as you make it out to be, Jay. There’s every possibility that the judges would have chosen to take the popular path over the right one on this. It took a unanimous vote, so if any one judge had decided he should stay, Moore would have been in and that judge would have ben very popular among the fundies.

  3. Jay, Jay, Jay, why do you continue to place straw men before us?

    Pryor wants to be a federal judge. As you JUST said, “I doubt another outcome would even be possible.” Why, Jay, would someone hoping to have a chance to sit on the bench try to get himself rebuked by an ethics panel? Do you honestly think the man is so incompetent as to not know when to hold his tongue? When your nomination is being debated needlessly for over 30 hours in the Senate, you don’t torpedo the effort by getting yourself censured!

    Why do we keep having to explain this stuff to you?

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