Another Strike In The War On Terror

Instapundit reports on some new arrests of terrorists in Germany, Italy, and Britain. Italian and German police managed to break up a cell smuggling terrorists into Iraq, while British police are continuing an investigation which has already netted several suspects and explosives in a Gloucester flat. The German arrests occurred in Hamburg, a major center for Islamic terrorists in Europe and one of the planning points for the September 11 attacks against the United States.

Events like this are every bit as important as military victories. Every terrrorist that is captured helps defuse a potential attack, and sends the message to terrorists that they can’t consider themselves safe anywhere.

UPDATE: That’s “terrorists” not “tourists”. I blame the turkey…

3 thoughts on “Another Strike In The War On Terror

  1. Correction: Events like this are MORE important than military victories, as they lead to less instances where military force is required. These are the heads of the hydra that is terrorism that don’t immediately grow back. I think we all owe a big “thank you” to the police of “Old Europe” and the UK for this one.

  2. “sends a message to tourists…”??!

    “Tourists” or “terrorists”? I thought the nightclub attacks in the mid-eighties took care of sending that message to tourists….

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