What The EU Doesn’t Want You To See

Internet Haganah has posted the EU report on anti-Semitism that had been previously suppressed by the EU. It indicates that there has been a wave of anti-Semitism in Europe, especially in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK where several physical attacks have taken place. The report also highlights the fact that anti-Israeli sentiment is tightly bound with anti-Semitic attitudes:

In the public domain in Spain, France, Italy and Sweden, sections of the political left and Arab-Muslim groups unified to stage pro-Palestinian demonstrations. While the right to demonstrate is of course a civil right, and these demonstrations are not intrinsically anti-Semitic, at some of these anti-Semitic slogans could be heard and placards seen; and some demonstrations resulted in attacks upon Jews or Jewish institutions. In the Netherlands pro-Palestine demonstrators of Moroccan origin used anti-Semitic symbols and slogans. In Finland however, pro-Palestinian demonstrations passed without any anti-Semitic incidents.

Of course it’s not anti-Semitic to argue against Israeli policy, unless one delves further into the specific arguments being made. The arguments against Israel are being made by a clear and demonstrable double standard that puts more pressure on Israel for responding to terrorism than to the Palestinians for being the instigators of it.

The report also advocates the governments of Europe do more to stop the kind of hatred and anti-Semitism that has come from radical Islamists in Europe such as the pro-al-Qaeda British newspaper al-Heyat and others. It also strongly criticizes the way in which many European governments are not taking anti-Semitic activity seriously and attempting whitewash the issues of an increasingly radicalized Islamic population in Europe.

No wonder the EU canned the report – it told them the truth.

2 thoughts on “What The EU Doesn’t Want You To See

  1. sorry to disappoint you so much, but the report (after a seconf thought about it) have been published officially by the EU.

    The world is still waiting for the report on Saudis by the way…

  2. The report was leaked by the World Jewish Congress, and reprinted by the Jerusalem Post as well as others. The EUMC only published the report *after* it had already been publicly available for some time.

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