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Here’s a wonderful example of Bush Derangement Syndrome in action as barking moonbat Hesiod points to an article about a prominent Iranian reformer who was beaten by radicals in central Iranian city of Yazd. Certainly this was a horrible action worthy of condemnation. But what is Hesiod’s reaction?

Folks, you are witnessing the future of the Bush Fedayeen if they ever feel like they are losing their grip on power. In many ways, the Bush cabal, and the Republican party are like the hardline Iranian mullahs.

No, Hesiod, the only grip that is being lost is your grip on sanity. If you honestly have to resort to such childish partisanship, you need your head examined.

There will be a beating soon – it will be the Democrats being beaten at the ballot box once again, and it will be because of this sort of immature, childish, and vindictive partisanship. The American people don’t want a party in power that puts its own petulance above any and all considerations. Enjoy the Bush bashing, you’ll have another four years of it soon.

2 thoughts on “BDS Watch

  1. Jay,
    I hope that this BDS is really a joke from you???
    Otherwise, are you trying to say that everyone that disagree with Bush is insane, ill, crazy??
    Are you planning on openning specific camps to cure this persons?
    If yes, I think that no sleep; lots of light and questions can cure from any such disease…
    Jay, get yourself out of this mess, or you will find yourself trapped in the greatest fascist regime on earth without noticing it!
    WAKE UP!

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