Maybe Saddam Wasn’t So Dumb After All

Jim Hoagland reports on an interesting exchange between Saddam and a member of the Iraqi Governing Council.

“Why didn’t you fight?” one Governing Council member asked Hussein as their meeting ended. Hussein gestured toward the U.S. soldiers guarding him and asked his own question: “Would you fight them?”

That’s exactly what a dictator like Hussein should be thinking.

2 thoughts on “Maybe Saddam Wasn’t So Dumb After All

  1. Saddam was wrong about many things, but he is surely right about the professional and highly lethal US military. As a Vietnam veteran (two tours), I stand in awe of, eg, the 4th Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division.

  2. Agreed. Say what you want, but I’d be dropping a shit bomb with my pants as ground zero if I opened my door and saw the US military coming at me.

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