Your New Year’s Resolution

I’m giving all the readers of this site a New Year’s resolution for this year. No, it doesn’t involve putting money in the tipjar (although feel free to do so).

It does involve not using an outdated, insecure, and generally crappy browser.

If you’re currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you’re shortchanging yourself. You’re using a browser that can infect your system with spyware, annoy you with popups, and is missing some features that will make your web browsing experience infinitely better.

Instead, Mozilla offers a better web experience. Imagine a browser with integrated popup blocking, tabbed browsing (and once you start using tabbed browsing you’ll never go back), better security, and faster loading of web pages. You can even use the ultra-fast, ultra-light Mozilla Firebird which takes the excellent Mozilla engine and makes it even faster. I use Firebird, and I would never go back.

Mozilla takes seconds to install and won’t fill your system with junk. Even if you’re stuck on dialup, it’s worth the time to download and then some.

Oh, did I mention it’s totally and completely free?

I’ve been using Mozilla continuously for almost three years now, and I can say that Mozilla is the single best download you’ll make. Do yourself a favor and stop viewing the web with a browser that’s generations behind the curve. You’ll be glad you did.

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