The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

In lighter news, Ace-O-Spades tries to determine what Dungeons and Dragons characters the Democratic presidential candidates would be

Oh, this is too good:

The interesting thing about making up a D&D character for Dennis Kucinich is that you know, with a very high level of confidence, that he’s made up D&D characters for himself already. If there’s one Democratic candidate who knows how many hit dice a Gelatinous Cube has, it’s Dennis Kucinich. You’ve gotta know that somewhere in the back of his one of his closets is a first-print copy of the Fiend Folio, pages stuck together with decade-old bong resin.

One thought on “The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Howard Dean is a 16th level Drow Ranger.

    And I agree with Ace- Clark isn’t a D&Der… he seems more like an Alternity guy to me.

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